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Week 16

Lindsey Koetje —  April 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

How far along?  16 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Avocado
Total weight gain/loss: According to my Dr. visit, I am down 2 lbs. from pre pregnancy
Size of Belly:  16 cm
Maternity clothes?  Some off and on, I can still wear my normal jeans but my belt is now too small.  I have started wearing my belly band this week.
Sleep:  So every morning this week, I have been waking up with a major headache behind my eyes.  My Dr. then stated that wants me to start sleeping on my side.  Since then (one night so far) I did not have a headache in the morning, so hopefully it will continue that way.  I just hope my side will stay comfy for a little bit!
Best moment this week:  Hearing our little one’s heartbeat!  A strong 152 bpm!
Miss Anything?  Not this week, I’ve been doing really good!
Movement: I think I may have felt a flutter the other night, but it hasn’t happened again so I’m not sure.  Still waiting and hoping it will happen soon!
Food cravings: I haven’t had any major cravings this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  My prenatal vitamin… but that’s about it.  I have even started cooking again this week!  It feels good to be back in my kitchen and enjoy menu planning again!
Have you started to show yet: A small amount.  It is not to the point that strangers know yet.  I was even told this week “I had no idea, you don’t look it!”… not sure if that is a compliment or if I normally look this chubby 🙂 At least it was someone that doesn’t know me, she was meeting me for the first time!
Gender prediction:  I am starting to think maybe boy… I don’t know why.  Maybe because I really don’t want my hopes to be on a girl so I have started intentionally thinking it could be a boy and I’m becoming ok with that idea.  🙂
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms:  Headaches, leg cramps, and constantly peeing.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  It has been a great week with beautiful weather!  I have been outside just about every day and I am loving it!
Looking forward to:  Still looking forward to kicks, but also our anatomy scan ultrasound.  I scheduled it this week so I am getting more and more excited about it!