Week 37

Lindsey Koetje —  September 21, 2013 — 2 Comments


How far along?  37 Weeks
Size of Baby:  winter melon
Total weight gain/loss: 23lbs according to dr. appt.
Size of belly: 38 cm.
Baby’s heartbeat: 132 bpm
Best moment this week: Not baby related.. but we got the house!  At least we settled on price so now just the waiting game of inspections and appraisal!
Miss Anything? Nothing specific this week.. I’m still able to do anything I could do before.  I am staying pretty flexible, can get in and out of the floor with Simba (although not always the most graceful way) and eating as before.  I did want some caffeine earlier this week, which was weird since I have been off caffeine for a good year or more.
Movement: The baby is definitely starting to run out of room in here but tries to go from one side to the other which is not always the most comfy! 🙂
Food cravings: I had a craving for yogurt for a few days but nothing else too specific
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope!
Gender prediction:  This week it has been more of ‘we’ll see’ than others.
Labor Signs: I have been told multiple times that it appears the baby has dropped although I am still not waddling!  I also started having contractions this weekend that were mainly just uncomfortable not painful.
Symptoms: achy shoulders, can’t get comfy, achy mid back and tail bone, swelling, constant need to pee, contrations, linea negra, and a little bit of on and off carpel tunnel syndrome
Belly Button in or out? Well… I’m going to say both!  It is like an inverted outie… the edge is out but the middle is still flat/in… all around odd looking 🙂
Wedding rings on or off? Off, I didn’t even try them yet because the carpel tunnel that showed up has been coming and going on my left hand.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to:  Knowing what sex the baby is and finally call it by name and not be guessing if it is right or wrong!  Also, not baby related.. inspections next week!

Dr. update: Again, this is serving as my pregnancy journal for now, so read on if you wish but this is mostly for me to remember later! 🙂
I’m still doing great!  No signs of baby’s arrival during my physical exam, blood pressure was 100/60 and I gained 5 lbs this week!  That goes along with the 2 cm my belly grew this week too.  I have noticed I go through growth spurts where I gain a lot at once and then nothing.  Also, my Group B Strep was negative, yay!  So no antibiotics are needed during labor!  One awesome thing that happened during the appt this week was that Wes got to feel the baby’s head!  He was so nervous about pushing on my belly but the dr. was guiding his hands and assuring him he was not going to hurt the baby or me.  The dr. also showed him how he can tell the baby is not engaged in the birth canal yet.  I could tell Wes was so excited, his face lit up when he could feel both sides of the head!  The dr. is also wanting to keep a close eye on me just from a gut feeling he has that I may develop pre eclampsia or toxemia.  He has no hard clinical evidence of this, just from my swelling and his gut feeling.  There is nothing to worry about now and I could still not develop any of it and be fine.  He is just being overly cautious (which I don’t mind) so I am going back to the dr. in about 4 days.  He gave me specific things to watch for but so far I’m still doing great!  This is one reason I love my dr.

Lindsey Koetje


2 responses to Week 37

  1. Baby will be at least 8 lb. if not over!! Don’t you think so Wes??
    Still say boy but would love, love a granddaughter also. Can’t wait to be surprised, happy, excited, all wrapped up in one.

  2. Ok, I meant to do this before! My official guesses: boy (though I’m still pulling for a girl!), brownish hair (though red would be AWESOME), Oct. 9 (because it’s Ryan’s birthday), 7 lb., 9 oz. (for his/her blessed mama’s birthday

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