Week 35

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How far along?  35 Weeks
Size of Baby:  honeydew melon
Total weight gain/loss: probably about 20 lbs.
Best moment this week: The long weekend with my hubby!  We decided to take the weekend and get ready for baby!  We went to Babies R Us and got everything we needed still, reorganized the apt, did baby laundry, put things together, and got everything we need for me to pack our hospital bags!  We feel so ready for our little one to come and I love that our apt actually looks ready for a baby 🙂
Miss Anything? Comfort! Ha, I have been so uncomfortable this week!  I can’t sit, stand, or lay down without either having to pee or have achy muscles.  I know this is all part of late pregnancy and I still have a month to go but I do miss being able to sit and read without having to get up every other paragraph 🙂
Movement: Baby has slowed down quite a bit but still kicks and moves enough for it not to be concerning.  I think baby is simply running out of room that it can’t flop from one side to the other any more!
Food cravings: Still all things sweet!  I also have had a craving just about the whole pregnancy for biscuits that I don’t think I have mentioned before.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not this week!
Gender prediction:  I still have a stronger feeling towards boy but this week I have also thought of baby as being a girl and loving it!  We are trying to get Simba use to the baby names so we alternate them when talking to him instead of just saying ‘baby’.  He just looks at us like ‘who is that?’ 🙂 But calling the baby the girl name now isn’t as weird and feels right as well, so we shall see!
Labor Signs: a little crampy
Symptoms: swelling, heartburn, achy mid back, can’t get comfy, linea negra, round ligament pain, and constantly peeing!  (I actually had to go to the bathroom before and immediately after brushing my teeth one night, it was a little ridiculous haha)
I am sleeping much better now that my chiropractor gave me some tips.  I now do my stretches and exercises right before bed and get my muscles loose so I can now sleep for about 3 hour stretches instead of getting up every hour!
Belly Button in or out? It is still mostly flat but if I just wear a thin shirt over my belly without a panel or anything else going over it, you can see my belly button where the top part is out.
Wedding rings on or off? They actually had to come off the last day of this week.  I have been checking them daily for a few weeks now and at the end of this week I went to get them off because they felt tight and it was a little difficult.  I thought it would be wise to not try to get them back on when they fit my pinky snuggly 🙂 It feels so weird to not have them and I definitely have moments of panic that I have lost them!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy this week but I have had my moments of moodiness.  I realize it afterwards and not even know where it came from… lovely hormones 🙂
Looking forward to:  Having this baby!  Now that our apt is ready and things are set up, I can’t wait to use it all and have a squishy little baby to love!  Can’t wait to know if this is a boy or girl, announce the name, and know who little one looks more like.. so excited!!

Lindsey Koetje


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