Week 30

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How far along?  30 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Cucumber
Total weight gain/loss: 14 lbs. according to dr. appt.
Size of belly: 33 cm.
Baby’s heartbeat: 139 bpm
Best moment this week:  Unexpectedly getting see our little one wiggle around!
Miss Anything? Being comfortable!
Movement: Baby feels like it may be starting to run out of room!  It’s not kicks as much any more as just the feeling of limbs moving around!  I am still feeling hiccups and punches, but the legs and feet just move back and forth across my belly all day 🙂
Food cravings: Still fruit this week… I am loving sweets and it seems that I can consume about double the amount of fruit I usually do without hesitation!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not this week!
Gender prediction:  I’m still thinking boy.
Labor Signs: nope, not that I’m feeling at least
Symptoms:  major hip pain, achy shoulders, can’t get comfy, exhausted, and can’t get a deep breath
Belly Button in or out? Flat, although it is starting to go out…
Wedding rings on or off? On even though not in the picture, I had been in the kitchen cooking 🙂
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to:  I am really looking forward to the hospital tour.  We had our first ‘baby’ class this week (pediatric CPR and first aid) and I really can’t wait for our breastfeeding class and hospital tour.  It is so exciting and just solidifies that we will be able to meet our little one is such a short amount of time!

Doctor Update: So we had a Dr. appointment this week unexpectedly.  Everything is fine, but I needed to be checked for both mine and the Dr.’s peace of mind.  All week I had been leaking a fluid and I was pretty sure it was just a bladder leak but I needed to be sure it was not amniotic fluid.  I went in and that is when we found out that baby had a growth spurt this week! I gained 3 lbs and my belly grew 3 cm. in just one week!  After an exam, my Dr. was still not 100% sure it was just urine, so he sent me to have an ultrasound.  We were able to see that our fluid volume is perfect and got to see our little one wiggling around!  I think we may have interrupted baby’s morning exercises because when they first checked baby’s heart rate with the Doppler, baby was moving around like crazy and the heartbeat was 152bpm!  About 20 min later during the ultrasound, baby wasn’t moving around quite as much and the heartbeat was back to what it has been, 139bpm.  The nurse laughed and just said baby must have really been working out!  Anyways, the ultrasound also confirmed what I had thought, baby is head down!  Actually, baby’s head is directly on my bladder (hello leaking!).  Baby is currently weighing in at about 3lbs. 10ozs. and doing really well!  Baby is still measuring a little big.  Our appointment was at 30 weeks 4 days, baby’s body is measuring 30 weeks 6 days however the head is measuring 31 weeks 3 days (makes mom oh so excited! Haha).  I am just so happy that I got to see little one, having peace of mind that baby is doing good and growing strong!

Lindsey Koetje


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