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We went to St. Augustine, FL this past week and took some bump pictures on the beach.  We were blessed with such gorgeous weather and an uncrowded beach before the summer season kicked into full gear!  It was also very cool to lay on the beach, sand in my toes, listening to the waves, with my hands on my belly feeling baby kick and move around!  I love that feeling movement from the outside first happened at the beach and I was able to just relax and enjoy it for a few days before life set back in!

Week 21

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How far along?  21 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Pomegranate
Total weight gain/loss: about 5 lbs.
Maternity clothes?  Oh yeah! My normally loose shirts, like t-shirts I sleep in, are now getting pretty snug!
Sleep:  I think I may have figured it out… crossing my fingers it stays that way for a bit.
Best moment this week:  Wes and my family getting to feel baby move!!! We spent the week at the beach with my family and my mom was talking to the baby.  As she had her hands on my belly, the baby rolled over and she got so excited!  Wes ran over and about that time, the baby kicked him 🙂 Every night when we get in bed now, Wes just holds my belly and the baby will kick him most nights!
Miss Anything? Laying on my belly!  At the beach I couldn’t lay on my belly so I felt like I was half tan/half pail.  This is also proving to be an issue when Simba rolls or pushes a toy under the couch… no longer able to bend down and get it out from under there for him, just have to wait for daddy to get it! 🙂
Movement: Lots more!  Feeling it from the outside and some of the kicks are no longer fluttery!  Our little one is getting strong!
Food cravings: Nothing too bad this week
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing making me queasy but baked potatoes still do not sound good.  I used to LOVE them and now I just don’t want one at all.
Have you started to show yet: Definitely
Gender prediction:  Still thinking boy… this could be because my mom thinks it is a boy and I was with her all week.  She kept referring to the boy as “he” and “fella” so it rubbed off.
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms:  Constantly peeing, eating everything in sight, cramping, major low back pain (I think it is my sciatic) and indigestion has begun!  I also think my milk is starting to come in
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  This week we were at the beach, how can you not be happy with that!  Plus, my hubby can now feel baby!  I love just sitting and holding my belly feeling our acrobat in there!

Plus to top the week off, we finally completed our registries (for the most part)!  One more thing done and many more to go in preparation to meeting our little one.  It is so exciting to dream of our home being taken over by these things with a little one! 🙂
Looking forward to:  Not really pregnancy related, but I can’t wait to see my new niece!  My beautiful sister-in-law just had their second amazing daughter and I am one lucky aunt!  Kelcie is gorgeous and I know Kayla is being a wonderful big sister.  We get to visit them in about a month, too long!  🙂

Week 20

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IMG_5976 IMG_5961


Simba has learned the routine of taking a picture every week and he is such a ham!  Especially since he lays down in front of the board on his own every time we go to take a picture 🙂

How far along?  20 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Banana
Total weight gain/loss: 5 lbs.
Maternity clothes?  Yes! For the most part, I have everything I need in a comfy maternity version; however, I am STILL on the search for maternity jeans that actually fit!
Sleep:  For the most part, it is getting much better.
Best moment this week:  Knowing I am at half way to meeting our little one!
Miss Anything? My bike… the weather has been beautiful and I would love to go for a ride but with my balance starting to become off, I am not allowed..
Movement: Still fluttery and coming and going
Food cravings: Not really
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I quickly found out that taking my iron supplement with my other vitamins is not a good idea!  I have to take the iron all by it’s lonesome 🙂
Have you started to show yet: Yep, and loving every bit!
Gender prediction:  Feeling like it is a little boy in there more and more… I keep unconsciously saying ‘he’ when referring to the baby
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms:  Constantly peeing, itchy skin, cramping, and indigestion has begun!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  This week I have been preparing to head to the beach and am so excited!  The only moodiness is having to say goodbye to my pup for the longest stretch of time, but I know he is in puppy heaven thanks to a wonderful and generous friend!
Looking forward to:  Starting to get supplies for baby!  We are just about done with our registries!! 🙂 Because of our registries, we keep getting coupons in the mail so we are beginning to collect some needs!

Week 19

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IMG_5947 IMG_5932

How far along?  19 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Mango
Total weight gain/loss: 4 lbs.
Maternity clothes?  Yes! My belly band is starting to be very uncomfortable and rolling on me since I am getting bigger so I am now on the hunt for maternity jeans!
Sleep:  It comes and goes.
Best moment this week:  Seeing our little one!! There is an update below.
Miss Anything? Not this week
Movement: Oh yeah and it is starting to be more daily and not as sporadic.
Food cravings: Fruits and I’m starting to really like water 🙂
Anything making you queasy or sick:  not really
Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah!
Gender prediction:  Actually it has gone back to boy this week
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms:  Peeing a lot!!  Bruising really easy, hip/low back pain, round ligament pain/cramping and getting stiff/achy if I don’t move around
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  I have been having a great week since the weather has been so nice.  I have spent many hours outside already and I love it!
Looking forward to:  Feeling more of a stronger and consistent kick than a flutter
Appointment Update:  This week we had our anatomy scan ultrasound and appointment.  The main reason I am writing all of these details is so that I don’t forget as this blog is currently serving as our baby book but read on if you would like 🙂  My blood pressure is still great at 110/62 and finally starting to gain weight.  My placenta is normal width and does not show any evidence of gestational diabetes.  The amount of amniotic fluid is also normal.  The one thing that changed in my appointment today is that I brought up the fact that I am bruising really easy and the bruises are not fading as quickly as they had been.  They pricked my finger, and come to find out my iron has dropped.  So I will now be on an iron supplement and they will check my level again at 28 weeks when they do the sugar test for gestational diabetes.  But enough about me… Baby looks perfect!  During our ultrasound, the tech did see the gender and had us look away.  He basically glanced at the area since we looked away for maybe 3 seconds before he told us we were good to watch again.  The head is round and looks great.  The cerebellum was measured along with the skin thickness at the base of the neck to determine the likelihood of Down syndrome.  The cerebellum looked great and normal.  The skin was less than 2mm which anything less than 6mm is normal.  Therefore, there is a very low chance of Down syndrome.  Also, another sign of Down syndrome is if there is a hernia next to the belly button, which there was not so another good sign!  We saw all of the facial features with no gap at the upper lip, therefore no evidence of a clef palate.  The baby had his/her hands up by it’s face (one under the head propping it like a pillow and the other one next to the eye/cheek).  The baby was lying on the placenta like a bed and looked comfy.  Baby did keep looking down into the placenta and covering their eye and back again playing peek a boo!  The abdomen looked good and all four chambers of the heart were working strong.  We could see the stomach and the bladder; which means the baby is swallowing and the kidney is functioning properly.  Lastly, we saw the baby’s feet crossed at the ankles.  The baby is measuring 19w6d, which is exactly what I am, so right on track!  The baby is also weighing in at about 11oz with a 145 bpm!  The tech also seemed pleasantly surprised that the baby’s legs looked to already have muscle tone on them!  So overall, an amazing appointment with nothing but good news!  We are thanking God for all of his many blessings!

Week 18

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IMG_5921 IMG_5924

How far along?  18 Weeks
Size of Baby:  Sweet Potato
Total weight gain/loss: 1lb. for sure this week
Maternity clothes?  I am needing them more and more so I found some great deals online.
Sleep:  The one thing I still haven’t completely figured out.
Best moment this week:  FEELING KICKS!
Miss Anything? Really good sleep
Movement: YES!! Just little flutters very inconsistently.  Come to find out, I have been feeling kicks for about a week or so but wasn’t sure.  This week I felt them and there was no denying it was kicks.  Now knowing the feeling, I know they have been around a while!
Food cravings: Sweets; candy, cookies, ice cream…
Anything making you queasy or sick:  not this week, feeling good
Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah, I think baby went through a growth spurt this week cause my belly has grown quite a bit in just a week! Although it is hard to tell in this picture.
Gender prediction:  Feeling girl again this week 🙂
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms:  Headaches, lack of sleep, minor leg cramps, eating everything in sight and constantly peeing.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve been a little moody this week.  Mostly with Simba having his “gotcha-day” (the day he joined our family) and have an infected paw has put me on the emotional edge.
Looking forward to:  The ultra sound in one week!!! I can’t wait to see our little one 🙂